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Welcome to our Framily* Website



You are reading this either because you are a member of our family or you are our friend.

This website is for our framily*

*framily is a noun ( SOCIAL GROUP ) that does not yet feature in the Oxford English dictionary, the Cambridge English dictionary nor in Wikipedia. We may yet be credited for creating this word :)

Our definition

[+ singular or plural verbC or U] a group comprising of people who are sometimes related to each other, such as a mother, a father, children and extended family, as well as other people who are friends with them or of their family.

Framily is a merger of two words: "fr"iends and f"amily".

Uncle Titus is not actually family, he is framily.

He's American but he is a member of our framily (= adopted relative, sometimes closer than blood relatives)

Framily can be used in the same way as family. e.g. This film is good framily entertainment (= something that can be enjoyed by parents, children and friends together).

Angela's mum was laid to rest in Ada-Irri, Isoko South LGA of Delta State Nigeria on the 24th of November, 2017. See photos of the events here

Family Time


Ah- ha! Those moments of real fun. Dive in, and see for yourself


Building Bridges


See a selection of charities we support and causes we believe in. Lots of pictures from life events. Feel free to follow the links and make a difference to the lives of others.

Ride with us down memory lane


Join us in a journey down memory lane at some of the memorable events in our family. Fun times with family in Nigeria, and come with us on our adventures at different locations worldwide.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our revamped website. Our adventure stories and photographs from our travels and activities will be uploaded to this new site soon.